Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pisse Froid ... Great climb, shame about the name!

What a line!
It's across the valley from St Christophe, and we've been eyeing it off for a while  - it's long and spectacular, the grade wasn't too hard, it had a shorter walk-in than the Valley of the Devil climbs and it looked fat (well, mostly).

The first day we wanted to climb it, we could see a party on the walk in - and there was another party gearing up in the carpark ... well, it was the weekend. So we aimed to come back (earlier) the next day.
So up we went ... 
And this time, we were first there!

Mark heading up the upper pillar.

The first pitch was a bit scrambley, but the ice then improved and  a few lovely pitches followed, gradually steeping to the top ... but the very top, the part that disappears into a gully ... well, it's climbable, but ... see the photos taken on rappel below! The weather was warming up and the icefall is melting - it was good to climb it, though.
Just stick to the left ... 

... one swift kick!

A great day out. 

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