Tuesday, 14 February 2012


 Back again to the Valley of the Devil!

We first saw the line of Deliverance from the other side of the valley, and it looked awesome - four pitches, 180m, WI4+ (it's the line of ice on the right, still all in shadow). Knowing it got afternoon sun, and the temps weren't that cold, we aimed for an early-ish start, not wanting to get too wet.

... on the first, and crux, pitch.
Mark starting out ... 

The second pitch: Mark avoiding the holey bits, but lots of solid ice to be found.
By midday, we were at the top of the third pitch ... not feeling like we'd done the approach or the climb as quickly as we would have liked, as the sun was now out in force. Jen scrambled up the final pitch to the top, as the water started pouring off the route ... we were soon, again, completely soaked!
Surprisingly, for an apparently 180m climb, we managed to rappel off in two lengths ... We only have 60m ropes. We were definitely at the top (it ends in a plateau). So where did the missing 60m of climbing go? Sure, you weave from one side to the other, that adds some distance ... but 180m is a little optimistic. A shame, as it was a fun climb and a great line - and in a spectacular part of the Alps, too.

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