Friday, 24 June 2011


As the guidebook says: "Arco is the name we all know no matter where we come from. At Arco it is possible to climb almost all year round, and the rock is a gem. At Arco there is the Rock Master and the highest concentration of climbing shops in Europe, just as good if not better than Chamonix and maybe even Yosemite. And there is also the most spectacular ice cream ever tasted by a climber (to the envy of both Chamonix and Yosemite)." And there's a castle, too.
For starters, we climbed this rather impressive buttress at Mandrea ...

... which apparently was a trad climb, yet had a number of fixed wooden chocks in the crack (and also a number of chopped bolts ...!)

The view ... lovely, eh?

... if a little out of focus!
Jen coming up ...

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