Friday, 6 May 2011

Wild Country

Kalymnos isn't famous for its long multipitch routes, but it does have some!

Nobu, a friend we'd made in Turkey who we met up with again on Kalymnos, had been recommended "Wild Country" and asked us if we'd be interested in climbing it with him. It sounded great: a long but easy multipitch route on Telendos, the small island across from Kalymnos. The route goes something like this: catch the ferry across, walk around the island to the climb, climb up and hike over the top and back down again. All pitches and belays, of course, are meticulously equiped. 

Heading around to the back of the island to find the climb ...

... the start of the route was well-marked - this is Kalymnos, after all!
We were behind a couple of parties, but they were moving fast - we just took our time and enjoyed the view! We each lead a couple of the pitches, swapping the ropes around at belays. Nobu had never climbed with two ropes before, this being one of his first multipitch climbs and the first with three people, but he handled it perfectly.

Nobu enjoying the view, a few pitches up - despite a bit of wind, we had great weather for it.

... then Mark lead one: token shoe shot.
Jen lead the first two pitches ...

Heading out of the belay cave and up!

Jen on belay, nearing the top.

The top! Looking back to Kalymnos.
Once we'd topped out, we sat and enjoyed the view some more over lunch,, washed down with the bottle of red wine that Nobu had brought along - delicious! Then headed over the hill and down the ridge, past the ruined monastery, and back to the ferry terminal.

All that's left of the old church.

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