Friday, 1 April 2011


Walking to (one of) the crags ... check out those shapes!
Considering this is a very small town up the hill from Antalya, you're unlikely to head in this direction unless you're a climber or a local. Nevertheless, we were a little surprised upon entering the main reception / bar / restaurant of Josito's Campsite to see so many people there!

Local Ladies - who thought I was hilarious, wanting to take their picture!
With cheap daily flights from most main German cities, excellent rock climbing in a moderate climate and a warm welcome on arrival, if you're a climber then Geyikbayiri is The Place To Be. We completely understand. Thankfully, there's more than enough rock to go around.

Lunch - melted Nutella.
The days have settled into a pattern not dissimilar to our days in Siruana, back in Spain … wake up slowly, wander up to the crags, climb until the light goes and then head back to Fred for dinner and beers. Also like Siruana, most of the climbs are in the 6's or above – there's not many routes around for those of us who like an easy life!

The best climbs are in the caves, on steep, overhanging tufas, although there are also vertical faces and slabs too – but these climbs seem to be really quite sharp, ripping our soft winter hands and putting holes in the rubber on our climbing shoes. Sadly, it's also started to rain sometimes… another reason to stick to the best stuff, and head to the caves and build up our forearms.

We've had a couple of rest days, and spent them doing unexciting things like fixing Fred (great service, extremely cheaply – we do like Turkish mechanics) and heading to the fruit and veg markets to eat gozleme and pick up bags of fresh fruit and veg from the local farmers. 

Nobu, a new mate, lowering off something steep.
We're pretty tempted to head to a local butchers (recognisable by the pen of sheep and goats munching grass happily out the front), but don't want to accidentally end up with an entire animal … our fridge isn't that big. Do they let you chose which goat or sheep you want, like fish in a restaurant? And surely we could just get half a kilo or so, but how do you ask for that in Turkish??

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