Sunday, 20 March 2011


Like many tourists in Turkey, we spent a few days in Cappadocia.

We started at the Open Air Museum, checking out the best collection of the churches and monasteries in one spot, most with amazing frescoes. We stocked up on local dried fruit on the way, and as usual in Turkey, were given bucket loads of tea at the same time.

Then, we just set off, hiking through the valleys. We scrambled up and through the sandy (and sometimes damp) caves and pillars, into narrow gorges. Sometimes we'd find another church, with a carved ceiling or more frescoes, or an old house with stone door that could be rolled into place in time of attack, or just row upon row of dovecotes. 

We'll let the photos do the talking ...

Spot the Mark.

Spot the Jen.

At night we parked up at a place called “Sunset Point”. Every evening a little rain and cloud prevented the sunset over the valleys from being worth watching; the morning light and hot air balloons it brought was better!

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