Sunday, 3 October 2010

A day at Holyhead Mountain

It had rained in the morning, so we decided against a sea cliff - and there was a crag on the nearby mountain with a selection of fun (and easily accessible and escapeable!) things to climb. This was the view - looking out over the ocean.

Jen is still learning to lead on trad (after how many years?!), but Mark had placed the gear on this route, so she lead it whilst placing a few more bits of her own. A little scary, but Jen got to the top in the end.

Jen then dramatically dropped the grade and lead another route ... placing the gear herself (and lots and lots of it - just for practice, of course!). No dramas there - maybe trad leading isn't as scary as she thought?

Evening was approaching, but there was time for one more ... Mark's lead this time. And a great route, too!

Just in time for sunset from the top.

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