Thursday, 30 September 2010


OK, so our trip to the UK didn't exactly get off to the best start.

As we pay for roadside assistance insurance for all of Europe (ANWB), we thought we'd just make a quick phone call and some lovely person would come along and fix it for us. We called and called and called again. We were promised that someone was on their way and would be there soon.

We waited so long that we eventually decided to fix it ourselves.

We now know how to change one of Fred's tyres. And we've cancelled our roadside assistance insurance!


  1. Definately a skill worth learning eh :-)

  2. I changed a tyre on one of these babies myself in South Africa... it was completely ripped to shreds from the dirt road we were driving on. Actually way more damaged than made sense, perhaps we had a dud tyre.

    The hardest thing was just getting the damn thing out from underneath the van, but I also recall that it was quite an effort to get the van itself raised up high enough to change the tyre - they are effing heavy.