Friday, 30 July 2010

Chamonix in the rain

Ok, so the first day or so of our trip to Chamonix didn't turn out quite as expected - namely, it was raining and was going to continue to do so for at least another day.

What to do?

1. Go shopping

Jenzing needed new gloves, Mark was looking for waterproof pants - and almost every outdoor gear shop in town was having a massive end-of-season or liquidation sale. Bargain.

2. Go to the pub

Our beers came with marinated olives. Yum.

3. Go hiking

We needed to remind our legs what hills were! We set off from our campsite on the valley floor, and headed up the trails in the vague direction of the Lacs Noir. Once there, we scrambled up and around the rocky outcrops, looking for marmots and checking out the patches of new snow. Sometimes the sun peaked through and the rain stopped - other times, the rain came pelting down and waterproofs or not we sought shelter under trees and chairlift buildings.

And when it got too bad, we fired up the stove and made soup.

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