Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cogne ... more of the same, and all of it great

We had no idea Cogne was ever more than a sleepy town ... until we were here during Italian school holidays. Thankfully, the vans have now all packed up and gone home - but as this is the spot for good ice in Europe at the moment, we still need to start very early to beat the rush of ice climbers and be first on the route.

Crowds or no crowds, the hot chocolate in this part of the world is still the best. Their secret? Potato. Yep, it's really just chocolate flavoured, creamy mash. Knowing this does not deplete its deliciousness.

We've splashed out and stayed in a studio apartment for a few nights, to dry everything out - and take a break from our normal cuisine to have something from the oven: roast beef, roast potatoes and one night, stuffed capsicum.
Jen on Pattinaggio artistico ...
... enjoying a great day out climbing.

And Mark on the easier (and drier!) second pitch of Tuborg - another fun route.

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