Saturday, 12 March 2011

Germany to Bulgaria: The Statistics

1 – large box of Rhona's homemade biscuits;

1.539 – Euros per litre of premium diesel in Austria;

2 – horses frolicking on the road in Bulgaria;

3 – apples;

4 - new passport stamps;

5.99 – Euros spent on Macdonalds;

6 – countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria!;

14 – approximate driving time in hours;

71 – Euros spent on tolls and vignettes;

300 – the year AD, approximately, that Felix Romuliana was built: interesting ruins, covered in the last of this season's snow;
60km in, a long way to go.

605 – longest distance quoted by TomTom without a single travel direction: ie “there's only one road in Serbia, and it's the highway outta there”;

1336 – total kilometres driven;

7470 – RSD spent on diesel: far cheaper than Austria!; and

100835 – the badge number of the Serbian border officer who “requested a donation” as our valid car insurance was the “wrong colour”.

Conglomerate pillars in Belogradchik, Bulgaria: we're there at last!


  1. I thought that said 1539 Euros of diesel... they use the crazy dot-separator for thousands here in Germany. O_O

  2. Actually €599 of McDonalds is far more scary...