Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pimping our ride!

Fred is now sporting an enhanced arse, and we no longer have multiple pairs of boots getting in our way. We have bought a Fiamma Ultra-Box!
Well actually, this is Mk II.

Despite following all instructions on how to mount the damn thing onto the bike rack, our first attempt to get this box onto Fred was not successful – we had only drilled and bolted on the top bolts when a massive crack appeared in the bottom. We don't know why it cracked, but cracked it did and cracked it was and so back to the shop for a new one … Thankfully the shop assistant was as surprised as we were, and the exchange was no problem.
Having this space does make life in a van full of climbing gear much more manageable. We now know that a T4 is not that big, when you have a hobby like climbing in four seasons.

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