Sunday, 16 January 2011

L'Ice 2011

Despite warm weather, we stuck around the Ecrins for the ice climbing festival from 13 - 16 January.

Here's their preview of what it would be like ...

Trailer Ice Climbing Ecrins 2011 qui au 14 16 janvier 2011
Caricato da tlcprod. - Guarda altri video di sport estremi.

... and it certainly lived up to it!

We got to try out some different gear from Petzl, met loads of new people, tried dry tooling (Mark apparently is a natural, Jen was just confused) and did some great ice climbing too. Sure, the crags were packed and there were many queues for routes, but the atmosphere was super friendly. The fact we're Australian certainly made us unique!

On the Saturday night, there was a "big air" ski and snowboard jumping competition, as well as a free-style dry tooling competition which was really inspirational. Figure-4's (hanging off a ice tool, and looping your leg over that arm to reach higher with the other arm) were made to look easy - so easy, they could be done whilst dancing or in a costume. Showing off, perhaps!? But great fun to watch.

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