Monday, 3 January 2011

2011: A New Year

Happy New Year!

For us, it has started slowly ... we are onto our third rest day, using time to sort photos, do laundry, eat and drink, watch a movie or two, and so on. A bit of a hangover on the 1st didn't help, after an incredible night out at the local party. We didn't have high hopes for the event, as it was organised by the tourist information centre, but there was hot wine and fireworks to start, then great food, cheap booze and a dancefloor filled with locals of all ages. Before midnight, the party hats, peashooters and whistles were handed out, and the countdown to midnight in French made it a New Year's Eve to remember.

But tomorrow ... tomorrow we'll shake off our 2011 lassitude, grab the ice tools from the drying room and hit those falls again. The fall nearby, which over Christmas was water, is now looking solid ... it's great to see the ice keep getting better and better!

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