Sunday, 24 October 2010

Random Cragging

So we're driving along in the rain and see a place to pull over by the side of the road. We stop to stretch our legs and notice the cliffs rising above the creek. Then we see the quickdraws on it …

Overhanging routes that are dry? Well, that's worth a quick attempt!

We managed one and Mark attempted two others. We don't know what sort of grade they go at, but let's just say too-hard-for-Mark!

And half way through Mark's hangdogging, our new Belgian buddies Tom and Evi showed up and dragged us off somewhere warm and dry for coffee and pizza. Considering the rain, a pretty fabulous day really!

1 comment:

  1. drive till you see a crag - give it a go, meet pals and pop off for coffee and pizza...

    sounds ideal... but then I could add that to pretty much every blog post you make :-)

    Keep safe, Dan.